Product Overview

Reimagining your agri-business with global agri-climatic intelligence


Insights from croplands right on to your fingertip

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Next generation satellites

There are thousands of satellites orbiting earth and next generation satellites are now capable of taking image of whole earth on daily basis. These images have lot of useful information in visible and non-visible form, which our solution leverages to understand state of cropland at scale

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Weather Information

More and more agencies are now collecting weather information around the globe, and using modern machine learning techniques to forecast weather at much higher resolution. Our solution leverages many of world class weather data sources and brings to you and help you understand its impact on your agri-business.

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Machine Learning

More and more data is getting collected at be it at farm level, state level or at globe level. Our solution processes these diverse datasets and applies machine learning algorithms to provide accurate and dynamic information for your business

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Global Grand Challenge Award 2016

We won Singularity University's global grand challenge award for its most innovative solution to address global food security.

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