The Problem

  • Government-issued land records are one of the key documents used in lending.
  • Fraud can be complicated to understand, and often miss-used by stakeholders, even after digitisation.
  • Very hard to keep track of millions of such documents manually, especially constant changes in them.
  • Banks on an average gets to revisit this document, once every 3 years, giving very large window for possible frauds.
  • Estimated estimated that $700 million is being paid in bribes at land registrars across India

Our Approach

Our Agri Intelligence Engine utilises remote sensing data alongside a range of traditional and alternative data points to assess a farmer’s creditworthiness

Continuous monitoring of farmlands, capturing changes in vegetation/crop cover and providing an early warning system for repayment risk.


  • Government issued land records is one of the key document used in lending.
  • Instant alerts & summary ensures full coverage on digital records 24x7x365
  • Uncover changes in land records, over the period of time, with date stamp.
  • Ease of access of documents, on any device, anywhere.
  • Evolving cloud based solution, to introduce some very advanced insights on using big data analytics.

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