About Harvesting

We are building Agriculture Intelligence Engine which will help bring speed, accuracy and transparency in the world’s largest and oldest industry, i.e. agriculture to drive financial inclusion for farmers around the world.

We are an award winning AgriFin company, where we leverage our expertise in remote sensing satellites, agriculture, artificial intelligence and financial inclusion to help drive financial inclusion by providing actionable data to financial institutions.

Meet Our Team

"Excited about this massive opportunity technology provides us to make world a better place for everyone."

Ruchit Garg
Founder CEO

"Using and building technology to benefit not the richest, but the poorest in the world."

Julie Cheng
Director of Financial Inclusion

"Love that Harvesting is building impactful yet commercial for-profit business."

Sumit Kumtha

"I love who I am at Harvesting, as the work I do here has a positive impact in the world."

Meena Abedi

"Excited to apply science towards financial inclusion of the poorest famers."

Dr. Yann Chemin
Sr. Scientist

"Harvesting allows me to work on cutting edge technology while making agriculture finance more efficient."

Dr. Richard Massey
Remote Sensing scientist

"Harvesting brings me close to my culture i.e. agriculture."

Aparna Phalke
Remote Sensing Scientist

"Proud to be part of Harvesting as the work that I do here enables financing those who need it the most in a “risk-free” way."

Soumo Boxi
Sr Credit Risk Consultant

"I love being part of Harvesting team as I get to develop its Agriculture Engine to support millions of lives."

Stefan Suess
Remote Sensing Scientist
Sandhya Vamanam

"I love working at Harvesting as together we are designing a product that will improve the lives of millions of people."

Hinal Sakariya
UI/UX Designer Intern
Sandhya Vamanam

"It feels great to be working at Harvesting as I get to use my skills to connect people and bring a positive impact in the world."

Bhakti Gangras
Android Developer Intern
Sandhya Vamanam

"Working at Harvesting gives me the opportunity to think about a future where data driven decisions will help the farmers across the globe to prosper!"

Kanika Sharma
Machine Learning Intern

What’s Buzzing!!


Harvesting won best FinTech award at African MicroFinance Week 2017


Ruchit Garg amongst some of the best global FinTech CEO at FMO headquarters


Harvesting at FinTech for Inclusion Global Summit panel along with likes of RaboBank & FMO


Harvesting at United Nations ITU at AI for Good conference 2017

Las Vegas

Team Harvesting at world's largest insurance technology conference InsureTech Connect 2017

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