The Problem

  • Lack of traditional data to help build robust credit risk score system.
  • Most credit risk systems are not designed keeping the rural and the agriculture segment in mind.
  • Hard for financial institutions to build right combination of technology & talent.
  • Hard to keep up with fast changing scientific & regulatory knowledge.

Our Approach

Our Agri Intelligence Engine utilises remote sensing data alongside a range of traditional and alternative data points to assess a farmer’s creditworthiness.

Continuous monitoring of farmlands, capturing changes in vegetation/crop cover and providing an early warning system for repayment risk.


  • Build your own custom models using interactive online interface.
  • Leverage remote sensing & geo-spatial data to account for changes in crop production and beyond.
  • More robust & stable algorithms on scalable cloud infrastructure.
  • Non-linear approach increases acceptance rates & decreases default.
  • Increase automation and remove human errors.


Q: What are its features? What can I do with CRS?

A: CRS aims to make sure risk professionals can get the most out of the data they work with. CRS incorporates state of the art machine learning techniques that allow you to optimize your model’s performance while ensuring its robustness. These techniques are also time-saving since they replicate hundreds of processes that usually have to be manually constructed. CRS also allows you to try different classifiers - like the traditional scorecards/logistic regression or non-parametric models - without requiring a single line of code.

Q: Is CRS in compliance with SEMMA, BASEL etc?

A: Yes. CRS is in compliance with SEMMA, BASEL. CRS’s modeling module was built in close collaboration with risk professionals from all over the world. Its interface was designed under SEMMA’s framework to make sure the model building process is innovative without being disruptive.

Q: Do you sell scores or scorecards?

A: Yes. Our solution is capable of delivering scorecards/scores.We’ve helped several lenders jumpstart their credit operations. We’ll set up a structure that will allow you to leverage scorecards powered by machine learning as soon as you collect enough data to create your own models.

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