The Problem

  • Lack of traditional data to help build robust credit risk score system.
  • Most credit risk systems are not designed keeping the rural and the agriculture segment in mind.
  • Hard for financial institutions to build right combination of technology & talent.
  • Hard to keep up with fast changing scientific & regulatory knowledge.

Our Approach

Our Agri Intelligence Engine utilises remote sensing data alongside a range of traditional and alternative data points to assess a farmer’s creditworthiness.

Continuous monitoring of farmlands, capturing changes in vegetation/crop cover and providing an early warning system for repayment risk.


  • Build your own custom models using interactive online interface.
  • Leverage remote sensing & geo-spatial data to account for changes in crop production and beyond.
  • More robust & stable algorithms on scalable cloud infrastructure.
  • Non-linear approach increases acceptance rates & decreases default.
  • Increase automation and remove human errors.

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