The Problem

  • Loan to farmer requires visiting to the farmland, but it is almost impossible to keep track of them at individual level.
  • Time & resources required to visit each farmland are non-trivial.
  • Very hard to estimate progress on the farm and effects of weather on individual loanee farmer.
  • Disconnect between farmland & financial institutions leads to several issues including possibilities of fraud as well as in-sufficient customer services.

Our Approach

Remote sensing satellites continually monitor farmlands over the term of the loan Changes in vegetation/crop cover are tracked against historical seasonal performance.

As soon as on-farm performance varies from predicted performance beyond a certain threshold, lending institution receives automatic notification.


  • Monitor all farmlands, spread across villages/state/country from remote sensing satellites rotating around the earth.
  • Get automatic updates on what progress on the farmland both historical as well as season in progress.
  • Helps bring you close the farms, without actually getting on the ground.
  • Drive trust, accountability as well as allows you to better serve farmers across wide area.

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